|Video| @FIAformulaE might need a soundtrack…

I just had the most random thought…

I’m really looking forward to Formula E, but I just realized that this whining sound is all that I’ll be hearing during the races. That high-pitched shrill is going to be very difficult to listen to for twenty minutes at time when you have several cars on screen at the same time.

So then I thought, maybe Formula E needs some soundtrack music to play during the tele-cast just to keep people listening? We already have tweet to pass, so why isn’t this a good idea? I parsed together a quick sample this morning with just some drum and bass to see if it made the shrill sounds a bit easier to listen to. I just grabbed the first song that I had in my music library, so it might not be the best choice.

Of course, I’m joking a little bit, but when I really sit down and think about it, every little bit helps. It reminds me more of playing Ridge Racer on my old Playstation, though. That electric sound is not the sexiest thing to be playing over speakers at home, when watching some good motor racing.


Formula E is going to be some exciting stuff, even if there are some things that are going to take some getting used to. If you want to follow more about FormulaE, here are some blogs that I highly recommend that you keep tabs on.

What are your thoughts on the series’ development so far? What would you do to spice up the action? What song would you have as your background music? Do you like tweet to pass?

See? Random thought. 😛

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