|World Formula| Changing colors, doing laps and grabbing data


It’s been a busy few weeks, both in and out of the kart! I’ve been working with several new sponsors on some projects this year, and so it’s been keeping me nice and active. I’ve been fortunate enough to be signed to RacerTimes’ Supported Driver Program. RacerTimes has been an amazing sponsor helping me to get the competitions. Through their driver program as a supporter of grassroots racing, they have really helped take my racing program to the next level.

In addition to racing, I’ve been able to do a lot more writing. I wrote a bit of a summary of most of my recent activities in an article on Sidepodcast, so I’m going to link to them in order to give them some e-love. I’ve also been working on several articles for Ross Bentley’s Speed Secrets Weekly, North America Pylon and for RacerTimes, so that’s also why content on |StartingGrid| has been a bit sparse. (Go give the links above a look, and let me know what you think!)

I found that some of these cars are more affordable than I realized.

Actually, I found that some of these cars are more affordable than I realized.
I still have a lot to do in karting, but it’s good to have an eye on your goals.

Also, I’ve been taking a look to the future and planning out my roadmap. As I mentioned in an earlier post, one of my racing goals is to compete in a formula car. So given that the opportunity was available to see some of these cars up close, I went down to the track in order to better manifest what it would take to attain one. I actually found that some of those cars were less expensive to attain than I originally thought.

I spent time at the SCCA Majors races at Pacific Raceways, in order to learn more about the different types of formula cars that are around. It was a good way to make some new connections, and also got a chance to see some old road-racing friends that I haven’t spoken to in a while. Amateur road racing is just a blast to watch, but after a while I’m not much of a watcher. 😉

It seems like a Formula F (what used to be Formula Ford) would be the best entry place to start. A non-aero momentum car, is a pretty similar concept to the karts that I’m racing right now. (I know that’s a Formula Continental in the photo, but I just didn’t take time to take many photos.) It’s a ways down the road, but it was nice to give me something to put my eye on to manifest on the wishlist.


In the meantime it’s back to fun times with karting. I’ve got another regional race coming up in late June, so I’ve been doing as many practice days and club races as I can, in order to prepare for them. The more laps I do, the more I’m learning about setup and using the data systems on the kart. I’ve kind of gone into kart-hermit mode for the summer, but it yields faster laptimes then it’ll be worth it!

Hopefully it won’t be so long before I post again. I’ve got some driver technique articles that I’ve been meaning to publish. They’ll either appear here, or somewhere around the Internet.


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