|Video| A beginner’s guide to Formula E

As Formula E is going through development in it’s initial season, I really like how the series is doing it’s best to spread more media awareness of the cars, series and the technologies around them.

I wish that Formula 1 did this, because I feel like in a year where the series has some of the most technological advanced engines in the history of the sport, no one knows about it.

|Video| So what did I think of the first @FIAformulaE race?

So the maiden Formula E race was this weekend, and I just had a chance to really look at some of the highlights in detail. (First of all, props to Formula E to actually provide some highlights of their races. Why Formula 1 doesn’t do this is absolutely baffling to me still.)

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|Video| Learn about the motors of @FIAformulaE

Formula E. Home of the all electric formula car racing series, and all the ex-Formula 1 driving talent that you can get your hands on. The first race is coming in September, and so I’ve been doing a bit to find more information about the cars.
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|Video| @FIAformulaE might need a soundtrack…

I just had the most random thought…

I’m really looking forward to Formula E, but I just realized that this whining sound is all that I’ll be hearing during the races. That high-pitched shrill is going to be very difficult to listen to for twenty minutes at time when you have several cars on screen at the same time. Continue reading

No! Don’t let @FIAformulaE ruin itself with ‘Vote to Pass’


Ever since I heard about the introduction of the all-electric Formula E championship for 2014, I’ve been super excited for this.  I really want to see it successful. However, each new announcement that I’ve read seems to show that series has done everything that it can to completely turn itself into a joke before the first race has even started!
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Is Formula E the future of the motorsport? Is it a good idea? #F1 #racing #formula

The saying is that racing does improve the road car brand. However, observers are always arguing in motorsport where the fine-line is in racing between automotive development and indulgent fantasy. Teams in Formula 1 can spend hundreds of millions of dollars to uncover tenths of seconds using J-Dampers and blown diffusers, but in reality tese developments have very little technological importance to the road car.

Entertaining as it all is, it’s not always relevant to the ‘real-world’. Which in turn, makes it harder to get new companies to be involved with motorsport. However a ‘solution’ may have been found.
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