|Video| Miata owner catches car, then himself on fire #drift #facepalmdrift

I honestly cannot believe this. I can count the people on one hand that I know who would catch the car on fire, keep trying to start it, then catch HIMSELF on fire…before posting the video on Youtube.

Some people’s kids, I guess. At least it gives us something interesting to watch. *Facepalm*

5 thoughts on “|Video| Miata owner catches car, then himself on fire #drift #facepalmdrift

  1. Ok… I have to LOL… Sorry,… But I’m an ‘Old School’ guy and I can’t even think of but maybe two guys I know who would be this dumb…First, when it catches fire,… shut it off and throw a fire blanket on it or something to smother it… Second, why is there not a fire extinguisher close by?…this guy appears to be a mechanic?… Third, run out and grab a water hose to put out a gas fire? …Sigh

  2. Apparently there is some old school thought that if your carb catches fire, you can crank it and suck the fire into the engine. When the fire ignites all over the engine and side of the car, cranking it is just wasting time that you could be using with an extinguisher. Apparently he’s now asking for donations for his 1st and 2nd degree burns…

  3. That is by far one of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen. Why did he keep trying after it had already caught fire??

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