|Video| Miata owner catches car, then himself on fire #drift #facepalmdrift

I honestly cannot believe this. I can count the people on one hand that I know who would catch the car on fire, keep trying to start it, then catch HIMSELF on fire…before posting the video on Youtube.

Some people’s kids, I guess. At least it gives us something interesting to watch. *Facepalm*

|Video| Drifting- The Rise of the V8s

Last night, I had a chat with a friend whose seriously into drifting. As the conversation went back and forth, one point that came up in conversation was the rise of V8 engines into the sport. As a sport that started seeing cars that had small high-revving four cylinders, V8s have started to become the mainstay engine format of choice in drifting.

They make a lot of sense for a number of reasons, mostly the greater power and torque delivery that drivers get from it.

Plus, they sound awesome, which is always a plus.