Street Parked: 1964 Galaxie 500 Convertible

We are fortunate in my neighborhood to have an independent gas station that sells non-oxygenated fuel; this is gasoline that does not have ethanol mixed in. This is a good thing for owners of old cars which tend have issues with the oxygenated fuel sold at big chain gas stations drying out the rubber bits in their fuel systems. I take The Healey to this station for fuel and frequently encounter other old cars while refueling. Today’s Street Parked car was parked in the service area (yes, this is a gas station where actual mechanics work) waiting for its turn on the lift.

A 1964 Ford Galaxie 500 convertible is not a common site, even in old car friendly Seattle. This one was for sale when I shot these pictures in early winter.
Clearly a special occasion car, it was offered for sale by the original owner and had only traveled 45,000 miles since new.
This car is a very handsome example, with a trailer hitch and supplemental airbags perhaps making it less desirable to collectors. I think the hitch and airbags add to the car’s coolness as they lend authenticity; this is the way a car like this was meant to be used. Imagine a young couple with a kid or two towing a camp trailer up to the mountains for a weekend in the woods. Back in the 1960s this car was an SUV, just look at the size of that trunk!
The seller’s price of $23,000 seems fair according to Hagerty, which lists this car with an average price of $28,000. This car has the middle trim engine, the big block 352 cubic inch v8, bigger than the small block 289 and smaller than the high performance 390 and 427 monsters. The fact that it has been repainted and has done trailer duty might lower the value a bit, but with the clean condition and low claimed miles, I think this car is very well priced. I haven’t seen this car since it was at the service station. I presume it sold to the first serious buyer. Hopefully it’s still in the neighborhood and will see recreational service.
It’s super complete, with original hubcaps and a really nice looking interior. I can think of few cars that would be better Spring Summer Fall convertible cruisers around here. Grab five friends and drive down to the lake or park and gather a crowd at Dick’s Drive In.

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