Street Parked: 1968 Cadillac El Dorado

Eldorado nose
This gorgeous Cadillac is smaller when viewed in person than one would think a 1960s luxury car would be, especially one equipped with a 7 liter v8.

Eldorado tail
Perhaps current cars have grown large enough that a Cadillac coupe from the 60s doesn’t seem large anymore? This is not a small car by any means, it weighs well over 4000 pounds. It is very big when style is considered thanks to GM design head Bill Mitchell.
Eldorado interior
Would you believe this is a front wheel drive car? The front drive system developed for the Oldsmobile Toronado was used for this generation of Eldorado. This drivetrain was called the Unitized Powerplant Package and allowed for a big V8 to be coupled to a transaxle in an engine compartment similar in size to a normal rear drive car. This transaxle was also used in those funky bulbous green GMC motorhomes, perhaps most famously seen in the movie Stripes as the Urban Assault Vehicle.
Eldorado face
I don’t recall seeing one of these on the street ever, it’s a handsome car. Now I need to find a Toronado and one of those funky motorhomes to complete the Unitized Powerplant Package set.

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