Street Parked: 1977 Pontiac Astre Formula

Firechicken patina
Autocrossing LeMons Racing Photographer friend of StartingGrid Alan Dahl spotted this rare Malaise Era Pontiac of Canadian origin and sent in these shots. Yes, I said Canadian origin; this car was developed on the H-body platform as a small car for the Canadian market. The Astre shares its H-body underpinnings with such legendary crusher fodder as the Chevrolet Vega, Buick Skyhawk, and Oldsmobile Starfire.
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Street Parked: 1968 Cadillac El Dorado

Eldorado nose
This gorgeous Cadillac is smaller when viewed in person than one would think a 1960s luxury car would be, especially one equipped with a 7 liter v8.
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Corvette Sting Ray Concept

Corvette Sting Ray shark mouth
This car was designed in 1959 by a team of all star stylists led by Bill Mitchell. The team consisted of the legendary Peter Brock (who contributed to the GT350 Mustang), Larry Shinoda, Tony Lapine, as well as Corvette engineer Zora Arkus-Duntov.

Bill Mitchell was appointed the head of GM design in 1958 (replacing Harley Earl) and was determined to make his mark on auto styling. This car reflects his appreciation of a good crease in a pair of pants. Mitchell explained, “Trousers don’t look any damn good without a crease in them. You’ve got to have an edge to accentuate form”.
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