|Video| The Business of Motorsport -The Day after a Grand Prix #f1

I find the business of motorsport just as exciting as the action that happens on the track. In order to get  on-track success, so many things happens behind the scenes.

For a Formula 1 team, the Monday after a Grand Prix is just as busy as the race itself. Red Bull Racing showed a nice video about what a day in the life is like for him on the Monday after a race. As far as Formula One team principals go, Christian Horner is my favorites. I like his focused, yet sociable approach to the team, and how he deals with most issues.

I like how Red Bull Racing put together this nice insight of what happens during the day after a Grand Prix weekend. I know this video may not be as exciting to some as the other things that we post about on |StartingGrid|, but it is definitely just as interesting.

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