|Shakedown| -Allan McNish Tells How The 2014 #F1 Cars Will Drive

So take it from someone who has driven in Formula 1, and has massive experience with racing hybrid cars. Allan McNish is probably the most qualified person to be explaining how the cars will feel in Formula 1 for 2014.

Besides, it’s always good to get a Shakedown video where a former driver is the star. You learn so much about how they think. Watch and enjoy.

|Video|What does a #F1 Pitstop look like in slow motion?

A Formula 1 pitstop is one of the greatest orchestrations of man and speed. In less than three seconds, a team of guys can jack the car up, replace the tires and send it on its way. Incredible how much can get done in such a short span of time.
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Mad Mike takes on the Crown Range in MADBUL #drifting #drift #fd #rotary #redbull

Mad Mike is one of those drifters, who I absolutely love his style.

Take one quad-rotor FD3S, a super winding road, with some slow-motion shots and you have all of the pieces for a super fun video. No words. Just beautiful noise.

I’d love to do something like this. Thanks to Speedhunters for the original find.

|Video| Adrian Newey Drives An RB6 And Leyton House March At Silverstone

It’s not often that a Formula 1 chief designer gets to drive the same cars that he’s designed. Aerodynamic genius for Red Bull Racing’s Formula 1 team, Adrian Newey got a change to experience two of them. The 1990 Leyton House March, and the 2010 Red Bull RB6.

It’s awesome to see how these cars have evolved over the years. If you want to see an infographic of Formula 1 car design, check this out.

Red Bull Racing launches the RB8 (Video) #F1

The car with the target on it’s back for 2012. Interesting nose vent there…


Again, I won’t post much about the technical details on the car right now, because tons of Formula 1 blogs have that covered. Is there anything interesting in the video that catches your attention?