Street Parked: Trio of Orange Opel GTs

Three Opel GTs
The Opel GT is an eye catching little car made from 1968 to 1973. Seeing three orange Opel GTs parked next to each other is neck snapping.

Opel GT rear quarter
With a fastback roofline, popup headlights, and a Kamm tail giving it a sporting appearance, the tiny Opel GT has the presence of a more potent sports car. While it does indeed look fast, the Opel GT is not. In Europe, these cars came with either a 1.1 liter or 1.9 liter engine.
Opel GT front quarter
Yes, that mini Corvette could be had with a 67 horsepower engine just barely bigger than 1 liter. We in the United States got the 102 horsepower 1.9 engine, although in 1971 smog controls would strangle it down to 83 horsepower.
Opel GT profile
These three cars appear to have been abandoned in their parking spots and none of them have plates the are within decades of being current. Can you say three car LeMons team? The business they are in front of has no clue as to who owns them, they just showed up one morning.

Opel GT rear window
These cars are time capsules from decades past. One has parking stickers from the early 80s for a local community college, another has a “Super Mom” license plate frame. I am very curious to know the story behind these cars. Sadly, I fear they’ll be towed by the city and end up being auctioned for scrap.

4 thoughts on “Street Parked: Trio of Orange Opel GTs

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  3. Hey just get them towed to a different spot then you could keep a eye on them. Look up the Vin to see who Owens them and try to contact them.

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