Ferrari Friday: Cuban Tifosi

DSC_4118 copy

Ferrari fans are everywhere. On my trip to Cuba I was surprised to see Scuderia Ferrari stickers on an interesting variety of cars. Here are a few cars I was able to get pictures of after noticing the sticker. Normally each of these cars would have gotten a whiplash inducing response from me. In Cuba these are run of the mill cars; perhaps not the Alfa, that one was a surprise. The 1952 Chevrolet above also appears to have a Ford 5.0 badge.

Cuba Lada

This Moskvitch 412 is made a little more appealing by having a Ferrari sticker. In Cuba they use the word “Moskvitch” interchangeably with the word “shit”. A pair of comfy shoes is more appealing to Cuban motorists than a Moskvitch.

DSC_2377 copy

Another 1952 Chevrolet displays its sporting intentions.

Cuba 164

This handsome mid 90’s Alfa was a surprise. It’s not surprising to see a Ferrari sticker on an Italian car, seeing that combination in Cuba was very unexpected. This Alfa probably rode a barge from Central America to find its way to Cuba and must be owned by a pretty well off Cuban. There are a number of newer cars in Cuba, mostly Chinese and Korean imports. You do see newer BMWs and Audis from time to time, but I can’t imagine there are many Alfas running around there.

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