Ferrari Friday: Cuban Tifosi

DSC_4118 copy

Ferrari fans are everywhere. On my trip to Cuba I was surprised to see Scuderia Ferrari stickers on an interesting variety of cars. Here are a few cars I was able to get pictures of after noticing the sticker. Normally each of these cars would have gotten a whiplash inducing response from me. In Cuba these are run of the mill cars; perhaps not the Alfa, that one was a surprise. The 1952 Chevrolet above also appears to have a Ford 5.0 badge.
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Ferrari Friday: 1949 166 MM Touring Barchetta

Ferrari 166 MM Touring Barchetta
This week’s Ferrari Friday subject is a car I saw and photographed at the 2007 Northwest Historics. This is a 1949 166 MM Touring Barchetta and is one of the very first Ferraris built. Enzo Ferrari starting producing cars under his own name in 1947, following a long career with Alfa Romeo (I’ll feature a Scuderia Ferrari Alfa racer in coming weeks). The very first Ferraris were the two 125S cars and single 159S produced in 1947. These were followed by the run of 39 166S cars in 1948 and 1949 which produced the car featured here.

Jon Shirley owns this 166 MM and drove it at the 2007 Northwest Historics as well as in rally events. This car is no stranger to racing, having won the 1949 24 Hours of Spa with Luigi Chinetti behind the wheel.
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Scuderia Ferrari News n.20- Before Suzuka GP

I’m not going to give much preview to these videos, because followers know by now why these appear. With Ferrari on the backfoot for the remainder of the 2011, the aim has shifted (again) towards the next season.

However, the team still has some races to run, and development on the F-150th Italia has been re-directed towards being used as a platform for the 2012 car. Ferrari says (again) that the new car will be a more innovated design that the ultra-conservative 2011 design.

Only time will tell.

However, I do want to note that I am slightly disappointed that the lead presenter in these videos has been replaced by Roberta Vallorosi. She’s not my…erm… favorite person.

Scuderia Ferrari News before the British Grand Prix

With the British Grand Prix approaching, things are interesting under the banner of Scuderia Ferrari. As a constructor, the team is 166 points behind championship leaders Red Bull. The leading Ferrari driver, Fernando Alonso, is 99 points (which is almost four race wins apart) of championship leader Sebastian Vettel. To say that Ferrari have mentally given up on the 2011 season is all but an understatement.

Still the team must press on, and continue to develop the car. Times like this provide good opportunity to test and develop small new design changes for the 2012 car. Also, there may be some chance for the Scuderia to grab some glory during the season, and pick up at a least one race win. For next year, the Scuderia have to be more aggressive in design. Hopefully something that Pat Fry, Ferrari’s new “technical director” should be able to help focus the direction.

Regardless this weekend in 2011, the teams have to manage a ban on blown diffusers. Talk around the paddock of whether these changes by the FIA will shake up the established order have been running rampant. Below is a Scuderia Ferrari News video as a preview of the British Grand Prix, which talks to some of the situations that the team will have to face this weekend.

Championship or not, they still have a season to run…

Scuderia Ferrari discuss expections going into Valencia and the rest of 2011

Ferrari’s 2011 Formula 1 campaign has been less than stellar. The F150th Italia has been lacking downforce, doing poorly on low-fuel and lacking pace on harder compound tires. Ferrari has been discussing the point of throwing away the chase of the 2011 title and put the attention onto 2012.

Scuderia Ferrari has released an interview with Ferrari technical staff, discussing what perspective will be for the next few races.

Ferrari Scuderia News: Canadian Grand Prix.

Ferrari has been on my radar in F1, since the F150 Italia has been such a struggling duck. Here is another video of the Scuderia Racing News for Montreal. Has Ferrari figured out how to run the car on the hard tire? Have all of the staffing changes shows to yield a big payout?

I hope that the Scuderia bring a big showing to Canada.