|Video| “The Last Teammate” – #F1 #Senna #Ratzenberger

I know that I said that I wasn’t going to do something solemn approaching the anniversary of Senna’s and Ratzenberger’s passing, but this documentary is so good that you have to watch it.

Few people remember that Damon Hill (who is my favorite racing driver ever) was the teammate of the legendary Aryton Senna, when he lost his life at Imola in 1994. Grimly, Senna’s death was the opportunity for Hill to be the title challenger to Micheal Schumacher that year, in what was one of the closest title finishes in the sport’s history.

This SkySportsF1 documentary shows some never before seen footage of Senna and Roland Ratzenburger. It shows how overwhelming the Imola weekend was for the whole of motorsport and provides some unique insight from their teammates; Damon Hill and David Brabham.

It’s long and intense, but it’s totally worth it.

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