Envious? Jealous? Totally Awesome?-Who knows…

Not sure what of all of this that I’m most jealous of:

  1. Sweet helmet stickers
  2. Awesome purple driving gloves
  3. Drift Miata

 Seriously.  Thanks to RoadsterDrift for the find.

(Also, I know I owe you guys some more detailed posts. They are coming, I promise.

Currently I’ve been on a tuning car/small car kick, because they are totally awesome and attainable by the everyman. You can blame the Formula 1 summer break for this too. 😉 

I’m also just working on several mini-projects at once.If you want to see something more specific from me, let me know and I’ll think about generating some content around it.

Either that or email me about an interest in being a contributor, and I’ll let YOU guys come up with some of the content.

Why not?)

It's a bit of a toss up

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