|WRC| Chris Duplessis Rally Finland Shakedown Run in the DirtFish Fiesta

Chris Duplessis is the non-Ken Block American driver running Rally Finland. This video shows Chris driving a shakedown run of a stage with his co-driver Alex Kihurani reading pace notes. The Duplessis DirtFish Rally School team is the first all American team to run Rally Finland in nearly 40 years. They’ve funded this effort in an interesting way by having both a marquee sponsor – Dirtfish Rally School – and by crowd funding over $22,000 with an indiegogo campaign. Good luck Chris and Alex, we’re pulling for you. Also thanks for the awesome video, it’s great to hear clear pacenotes in English for a WRC event.

Via Chris Duplessis’ Facebook page

|WRC| Ken Block Video Diary on Prep for Rally Finland

Ken Block is taking seriously his efforts to be competitive in the World Rally Championship. Here’s his video diary on getting ready for Rally Finland. The legendary Ari Vatanen makes an appearance.

Good luck Ken!

What does it take to turn a road car into a #WRC winner?

One of my goals for 2012 has been to follow other motorsports outside of Formula 1. One of the sports that I decided on was the World Rally Championship.

During the off-season, I found myself interested to know what it took to transform a modern-day road car, into a rally championship winner. Thankfully, the internet has my back and has provided an interesting documentary of WRC team developing cars that were going into the 2011 season.

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