|Classic Video| What happens when Jeremy Clarkson meets Keiichi Tsuchiya?

It’s a rainy day. I had some time on Youtube, and what I find? Jeremy Clarkson going to Japan to check out the touge, Wangan and a drift event. I knew I liked that Clarkson bloke. 😉

I’d never though that I’d see a video with Jeremy Clarkson and Keiichi Tsuchiya at the same time. This was “Old Top Gear”, but it’s still worth a look, if you have a few minutes for a fun little video throwback.

Does anyone remember the ‘Mid Night Club’?

I’m sitting in my local coffee shop watching cars drive by the freeway, as I think about nostalgic JDM  cars that I have always loved. (Is that weird?) Anyway, my thoughts lead back to a group of cars that I’ve followed since I first got into tuning cars. The Mid Night Club.

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