Lewis Hamilton and Tony Stewart swap cars @ Watkins Glen (Six- Part Video)

A few weeks ago, we featured a teaser video about Lewis Hamilton and Tony Stewart doing a car swap at Watkins Glen. Yesterday, the event finally happened with Hamilton driving the NASCAR and Stewart driving the MP4-23. Below is some video of the event.

Honestly, I had more fun enjoying watching Hamilton drive the stock car than Stewart in the Formula 1. Still fun stuff. Not as much as a branding success as Jenson Button taking the F1 car around Bathurst, but still a cool event nonetheless. I’m really hoping that Formula 1 uses this event to connect with the North American market in a stronger format than in the past. (Click on the title to see more video, as it comes in six parts.)

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Lewis & Jenson, one car, no team — Vodafone ad

What happens when Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button try to build their own car without their team? This is one of my favorite Vodaphone ads, and since this Saturday has been about awesome car commercials, I want you to see this one too.