Lotus Renault GP- Action Stars of 2011! (Another fire)

This year in Formula 1, people have been watching Red Bull, Mclaren and Ferrari. Really though, I think that eyes should be on Lotus Renault GP, who have been the ‘Last Action Hero’ stars of 2011!¬†After watching the Hungarian GP, I was shocked to see a Lotus Renault on fire again!

This isn’t the first time that Renault have been action stars either! The R31 has burned down to the ground twice this year, (2x Nick Heidfield’s car), and airbourne twice (1x- Petrov and 1x- Heidfield). Not to mention Heidfield eating his front wing in Canada, and Petrov munching his car up in Monaco!

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F1 2011 – F1 Drivers in Road Cars on track at the Nurburgring (Red Bull, Lotus & Renault)

I have no idea which is more fun to watch. Formula 1 drivers enjoying Renault road-cars over the ‘Ring, or their passengers who eyes go wide going into some corners!

Definately an exciting video.

As a side note, I have an interesting series of posts coming soon, so look forward to see more writing from me and not just videos.