Formula 3- Hamilton vs Vettel (Semi wet battle)

I honestly didn’t know that Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton were battling back in Formula 3! Finding this video puts the battles between Hamilton and Vettel in the beginning of the Formula 1 2011 season in more perspective.

I wonder how much history do the two have together through the years?…

Red Bull Racing + Infiniti Hybrid Performance = Proof that Mark Webber plays the number two role way too well

Earlier this year, Formula 1 team Red Bull Racing developed a technical partnership with automaker Infiniti. The relationship has allowed the two groups to share development information across the platforms between road cars and racing cars.

However, right now I don’t really care about that. What I wanted to show you was another sponsor advertisement between Red Bull Racing and Infiniti, where Infiniti is highlighting the development in the performance of their hybrid drivetrain system, compared to their petrol powered cars with the two RBR drivers piloting.

The video is set on the now- cliche Nurburgring Nordschleife .  Sebastian is driving the hybrid, while Mark Webber is in the petrol car.

All I have to say is that Mark must be tired of being Sebastian Vettel’s whipping boy, on and off the track. (Either that, or in a strange way, he likes it!) I’ve got plenty of running jokes about the quality of Mark Webber’s start too 😉

Nico Rosberg Fastest in Free Practice 1, while Sebastian Vettel collects himself (Video)

Just a quick highlight from this weekends Montreal Grand Prix. I’m super excited for Montreal as this F1 race airs at a reasonable time for me here.  Nico Rosberg was fastest in FP1, with Alonso and Hamilton right behind.

However, the real story is that WDC Vettel put his RB7 into the wall with just 8 laps out on track.

We know that the Free Practice Times don’t mean too much, otherwise Merecedes would be winning more races. However, it’s nice to get the rumor engines going early. See laptimes below and a video on the crash:

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Red Bull Racing Drivers explain F1 KERS and DRS

A brief video from Red Bull Racing, explaining the re-introduction of KERS and the Drag Reduction System.

During the F1 Season, we’ll be sharing our thoughts on the new changes to the F1 rule set. However for right now, just enjoy the video. 🙂