|Video|What does a #F1 Pitstop look like in slow motion?

A Formula 1 pitstop is one of the greatest orchestrations of man and speed. In less than three seconds, a team of guys can jack the car up, replace the tires and send it on its way. Incredible how much can get done in such a short span of time.
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|Video| Sebastian Vettel on David Letterman

Last night, Sebastian Vettel¬†was on David Letterman, since Formula 1 was in the New Jersey area checking out the prospective 2013 road course track. Normally I’d be cool with an interview, but¬†two things have been brought to my attention about David Letterman during this interview that got me really heated.

  1. He actually understands nothing about racing cars…or Formula 1…or race tracks. Sadly, Letterman does nothing to promote the USGP¬†that is coming later this year. All he does is rant about Indianapolis. (IndyCar¬†doesn’t work very well there, in my opinion, so we should keep F1 away from Indianapolis as much as possible… Austin is just fine, thanks! Dorknozzle…)
  2. As an interviewer, he is just…a really annoying old man. (Retire, please?)

But really, I don’t care all that much about talk show hosts. I just want to hear about racing. ¬†ūüėČ

|Video| -Sebastian Vettel is the #F1 version of Paul Walker/Keanu Reeves…

Today, the new short-film featuring Sebastian Vettel¬†and Infiniti was just released. It was a martial arts film, called ‘Drive of the Dragon’ featuring Celina Jade.

Funny short, if nothing else. I swear that he’s just training to develop his ‘finger poke of death!’ move for during race weekends, and definitely more exciting than Mark’s Canberra Milk commercials…

|Video| – Vettel does an impression of Alonso, plus a combo breaker! #F1

Nico Rosberg infuriated Fernando Alonso during the Bahrain GP weekend by nearly squeezing him off the track, claiming it as a defensive move.  Alonso spent the following week, making a comment to the press about how driver conduct in Formula 1 needs to improve. A fact that personally, I think holds water.

At least when concerning driver conduct, I generally agree with Alonso’s. (I’ve never thought that I would be one to agree with a comment that came from Alonso in the past!)¬†Although my personal¬†impression of Alonso¬†has changed over the last few years, I knew eventually someone would make a jab-¬†reference to one of Fernando’s ‘less than polite’ past actions. You don’t become a two-time world champion by just being nice all the time.

Who would have thought that the burn would have come from Sebastian Vettel! Check out this video during today’s FIA¬†press conference, and Vettel’s wicked Alonso impression.

Check out the video before it gets tagged.

|Video| – Sebastian Vettel in…”Drive of the Dragon!”- Trailer (#F1)

Take a look at this trailer. Well, at least I know what Sebastian Vettel could do when he gets bored of winning Formula 1 World Championships.

Whatever happens, it’s better than what Schumacher decided to do in his off- time…