Watch Liberty Walk build Ferrari 458 & Nissan GTR

So we don’t talk about tuner cars enough here on |StartingGrid|. (Ok, that’s a bit of a lie. We do on the Facebook page, but not so much on the blog.) I’ll be the first to admit that, so it’s time to fix that. The aero-kits from Japanese tuning house Liberty Walk have been grabbing attention since they first started working on Lamborghinis a while back.

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Keep Redline Magazine alive- Show your support to keep a great tuning magazine alive

There aren’t many good magazines on tuning cars available in the marketplace today. The UK-based, ‘Redline Magazine’ is one of them. There have been rumors that the publishing agency that carries ‘Redline’  has been facing shutting the publication down.

That would be a real loss for the tuning world, as this magazine reflects some of the most passionate people in the tuning world. Redline always has amazing features, from shop-build cars to home-grown tuned machines. They’ve travel all over Europe to visit race tracks and drift days, and provide information tutorials on the proper way to modify a car.

Subtle, yes?

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