Caterham CT-01 Launch Video #F1

Now having had a few weeks to get used to the ‘crooked duckbills’ of current 2012 cars, I’m starting be able to look past the aesthetic and get pumped for the season again.

Followers know what a massive fan I am of Lotus Racing/Team Lotus/Caterham, and my hopes that the team make a massive step into the mid-field in 2012. With the recent news that Vitaly Petrov is replacing Italian wine-lover Jarno Trulli, I’m expecting to see a seriously spirited fight to the teams ahead.

Something about the underdog that really gets me excited to see some racing…

Character, Vision and Faith- Lotus Racing/Team Lotus/Caterham F1

In modern times, most people wander around with a lack of faith. Times have become so hard that people don’t believe that they can achieve anything. That is a gross un-truth.

If a person reaches inside of themselves and believes that they have the strength of character, they can rise from their struggles. If that  person can reach out and motivate others, then they all can reach unbelievable heights.

Look back two years, when a small group of people decided that they wanted to build a Formula 1 team. Not just any Formula 1 team either. They wanted to bring Lotus back from the ashes.

With only four people, they developed and grew into a proper Formula 1 team. A fan favorite, no matter who you support. Take a look at this video, which hallmarks the first year of Lotus Racing, the team who has now risen to be Caterham F1.

The team known as Caterham F1 represents what can be done with people of the right character, vision and faith.  They have proper realistic goals, and they are motivated. The team name may have changed again, but the vision has never wavered.

I look forward to see what they achieve going into the future of 2012.

Team Lotus —> Caterham F1- Column One and looking to the future.

Team Lotus is one of my favorite teams in Formula 1 at the moment. In 2010, they entered into Formula 1 as a newcomer. Now in 2011, they have taken some of the fight to the slower of the midfield teams from time to time.

This year, Team Lotus has also achieved another unique feat as they have been labeled as a ‘Column One’ team. In order to be labeled as Column One, a team has to score at least tenth place in the constructor standings two years in a row. Team Lotus, soon to be Caterham F1, now will receive a larger share of the commercial earnings under the Concorde Agreement.

It’s a significant achievement for sure. Next year, they will have KERS and revised aerodynamics and the expectation is that next year the team WILL be fighting for points.

Lola Racing Cars in F1; Where did it go so wrong?

For readers of Autosport, you know this question. But it’s not the whole story. You might say that Lola had some of the worst F1 cars to date, but when did you ever decide to build a racing car on a £2 million budget?

Lola did, and it was okay. I will go into every bit of detail regarding the Lola Formula One Team that applied for entry in the 2010 FiA Formula One World Championship – an offer that the FiA refused.

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Team Lotus has purchased Caterham- Videos and Pictures.

Team Lotus has got to be one of my favorite teams in Formula One at the moment. Mostly because the team just screams the word ‘underdog’, from every pore. Tony Fernandes and his team at Team Lotus have gone above and beyond in their attempt to establish a presence as a solid Formula 1 Team.

Now they have done one more and entered into the road car realm. Yesterday, it was announced that Team Lotus F1 had purchased Caterham cars. The goal is to bring F1 technology to the road through developing new ideas which will reflect in the new models of Caterham. (Pictures after the jump)

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Team Lotus: Karun Chandhok Crashes in FP1 Australian Grand Prix + Pictures

Yesterday was the beginning of the 2011 Formula 1 season. Free Practice 1 and 2 was hosted yesterday and pretty straight forward, with the exception of  Team Lotus reserve driver- Karun Chandhok crashing the team’s T128 on turn three of his first lap out. 

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2011 F1 Pre-Season Review: The New Teams

Our final segment of our F1 2011 pre-season review concludes with the 3 freshman of the sport, now entering their sophomore year: Team Lotus, Virgin Racing, and Hispania Racing Team.

The teams have struggled to cope with the lack of testing that Formula 1 provides, coupled with lack of funding and sponsorship available in the strained world economy. Fortunately for some of the teams, they’ve had drivers that have been able to provide funding for their own seats, saving money to allow for any developments possible on limited resources.

Team Lotus have been the top of the pops, with the most experienced driver pairing of the newbies. Jarno Trulli and Heikki Kovalainen have helped the team develop reliability and drivability out of their T127 chassis, and managed to place highest among the rear-fielders, with Heikki finishing in 12th at the Japanese Grand Prix. Fortunately, the T128 holds promise as the team have acquired a deal with the other Lotus teams’ supplier, Renault. They will be using their engines and rear end and will more than likely be challenging the slower established teams (yes Force India, you…). The team have developed a good looking car with some of the popular bits and tricks of this year but unfortunately will not feature KERS. Their preseason reliability has been patchy, but that’s to be expected with all their new gadgets. Good news is that their aero developments have been working, utilizing new front wings and the blown exhaust to gain grip and confidence for the drivers. Trulli has said that the team have made a great leap forward. And I believe him.

Lotus T128

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