|Project MR2| – Just getting it on the road is means for celebration.

East Seattle-20121208-00192

** Sadly, Project MR2 is dead, but we still keep this log up to show that we did have it at one point…

*Sorry for the lack of photos on this post. I just haven’t had the time, and actually really don’t have a good camera to take snaps yet.

Project MR2 has definitely started out well-intentioned enough. In fact, it initially really even start out as a ‘project’ at all. For sometime, Project Kyoko had been the workhorse car between myself and my girlfriend. Due to where our jobs took us, we ended up putting over 100 miles a day on my little Miata, and somewhere along the lines of around 25,000 miles over a year! (I’m not joking.)

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