What do you want to see on |StartingGrid| in ’15?


In 2014, I didn’t post on |StartingGrid| nearly as much as I’ve wanted to. Mostly, because I was focused on getting my feet stable in competition karting.¬†I’m not upset with that at all, but I decided at the end of the year that I wanted to put more attention back into having fun with the blog.

I’ve been chatting with some people about some topic ideas that would be fun to write about, so below are some of my ideas.

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Street Parked: BMW 3.0 CSi

IMG_6022 copy
I’ve seen this car driving around in my neighborhood a number of times but had never seen it parked until one day when I was driving the Healey to the store on a quick errand. I was in a hurry but couldn’t let the opportunity to check out this cool Bimmer pass so I stopped for a few pictures.
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Street Parked: All I know is, I need this Saab!

So today, while I was pulling my race kart chassis out of storage to prepare for this season, I came across this Saab sitting in the corner of the parking lot.


Ignore the monitor sitting on the dash. This car needs to be driven…now!

I have a thing for odd-ball cars. (Clearly, not as much as Bret does. ūüėČ ) However, any modified Saab certainly qualifies. The thing is, like with my last Street-Parked post, I don’t know much about this car! Not the model, nothing! (facepalm)

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Street Parked: No idea what this is!

The nice thing about my weekend morning runs, is that I usually find something exciting parked on the street. This morning, I saw a Lamborghini LP-640 and a 997 Porsche Turbo. However what really caught my attention, is something that I know nothing about!

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Street Parked: Fiat 850 Abarth


I almost never find anything for a Street Parked post. Yet, here I am on Vashon Island, and I stumble on this Fiat 850 Abarth at a gas station! It was just tucked over on the side of the road, so I pulled a quick U-Turn to grab some pictures.

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Street Parked- Supercharged Road Racing Street Legal Rally Owned Focus- For Sale…No, really!

Yep, I did put all of those words in one title. Yes, it is all true too.

I just found out that this road-racing prepped 2001 Ford Focus is up for sale. The surprising part is that I also know the person who is selling it!

The owner is Don Wooten, who was my rally driving instructor when I went up to DirtFish Rally School. I first met Don when I was racing in Solo II autocross, and he was using this same car. It pulls at the racer heart-strings to see it go.

Don’s a really great driver, and he always takes good care of his cars, so I wanted to write a quick feature for him to help get the word out.

It always sucks to find out that a local racer has to sell his beloved ride.¬† However, that is always a new buyer’s gain, as that¬†means is that the car is always excellently prepped and has a good build history.¬† (I learned that lesson when buying Kyoko.)

The crazy part about this car, is that it is street-legal! Can someone say “Race car for the road?!” If I had the money, I would buy this and turn it into my road racing car.

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Street Parked: Portland Model A

Model A Deluxe Tudor

A Model A

It’s not often one sees an 80 year old car parked on the street. This Model A was cheerfully parked down the street from the hotel I like to stay at in Portland, Oregon. In the few minutes I spent taking pictures (sadly with my iPhone and not my real camera), multiple people smiled as they strolled past it. From a bit of web research I believe this to be a Model A Deluxe Tudor.

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Street Parked: Diamond T dual cowl dually phaeton

Dually dual cowl phaeton: Like a military spec Super 7.

Want to arrive in style without sacrificing your working man's cred? This is the truck for you.

Seattle’s South Lake Union neighborhood is home to Close Enough Engineering a group of gearheads and artists who make wild and fantastic things like this Diamond T inspired hot rod meets lake boat.

Which one is better?

This dual cowl intimidator blends the style of a Diamond T truck with a boat tail 1930s dual cowl roadster.

Trunk? Tree trunk

This truck was built from a handful of donor vehicles with the Diamond T contributing the important styling parts.¬† I think it’s more than “Probably Ok”.¬† The image below has another of their creations in the background.¬† Any guesses of what it is?

Hint: It's red

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