|Project Kyoko| Just some updates and stickers.

It always seems like I’m working on Kyoko every weekend, rather than racing, but at least I remember to take pictures for the blog each time. Not too bad for a Blackberry camera.

This weekend, we were trying to chase down a leak in the clutch lines that’s causing the clutch to go soft now and again. We found the leak, but no shop in the area has the clutch line in stock, so I’ll have to go hunt one down. TJ did replace the clutch slave cylinder while we were in there.

We also got a chance to reinstall my headers, which tried to free themselves from the car last week. It’s nice to have that deeper sound back, and the powerband has moved back to being more mid-range.

Oh yeah, and we’ve got some stickers available now for the blog. We’re giving out the first set for free. If you’re interested, just email me at relaxeddriver(at) gmail, and we’ll see if we can get people some.