The Mighty Starlet (KP61)

Only sold in the US from 1981 to 1984, The Toyota Starlet was a great choice for an economy car during that time. The light weight body ,which weighed around 1,800 pounds, and a 1.3L (4k) engine had this car doing around 40 miles per gallon.

What a looker, right?


However, do we really care about that? Probably not! A rule of thumb to having a fast car is lightweight and high horsepower. The weight of this car made it a great candidate for a swap.

A typical swap is the 4AGE from the AE86, but I have seen 3SGE, F20C, and even a few 3TC. So with a little body work, a kit, and some wheels, you can go from a typical econobox to a very fun driving machine. Like this!

|Feature| – John Pattison’s Stunning Starlet

I’m really digging John Pattison’s Toyota Starlet Glanza. The Glanza is is a car that I wish we could have had here in the States. Small, lightweight and turbocharged, the Glanza is basically a micro-fun-box.

Based in the UK, Pattison has modified his Starlet to be a fairly quick street car. John has a pretty good understanding of the Starlet, being the secretary of the UK Starlet Club, so you can tell, even at a glance that he’s made a well-rounded package. The modifications are fairly light, but with a focus in all of the right places to be potent.  Currently, the car is running at 1bar of boost on the TD04 to reach the 235bhp on standard internals.

The car at present is away to have a stage 2 Forge Motor and should make 270-280 bhp @ 1.4bar. I hope that John sends us more photos when his car comes back, so that we can see the updates!

  • Engine Mods: Race-Tech TD04 Kit Manifold,De Cat, Japspeed FMIC, Magnecore HT Leads, Japspeed Cat Back Exhaust, EManage Blue ECU, JD Tuning Engine Damper and OEM LSD Gear Box
  • Interior Mods: Blitz SBC-ID boost controller
  • Exterior Mods: 15 Inch Rims, Varis Carbon Bonnet, IDWorkz Varis Bumper
  • Suspension Mods: KYB Shocks all round fitted with Tien 40mm Springs (Soon to be replaced with Miester R Coilovers)  Front Brakes upgraded to Levin Twin Pot set Up,  Yellow Stuff Pads,  OEM Front and Rear Strut Brace’s  Tegiwa Brake Stopper

Thanks for these photos, John!