WTCC is going to Nurburgring in 2015!

So one of the upsides with all of my frustration with the current format of Formula 1, is that I’ve been giving a good look at other forms of professional motorsports. One of them that has really grabbed my attention has been the World Touring Car Championship. I’ve been falling in love with the race format. Then to top it all off, I find out that WTCC is going to be racing at the Nordschleife in 2015.

The Ring. The Nordschleife, with epic touring car battling? I will not miss watching this race!
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|Video| Greenpeace trolling the Belgium GP #F1 (Podium Spoiler)

Now this video does have spoilers of the podium results of the Belgium GP, so if you haven’t watched Spa then you might not want to watch this video yet. However, it’s so hilarious that you might just want to anyway.
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Conversation of Generations- Ferrari & Shell on the Belgium Grand Prix.

As one of Ferrari’s primary sponsors, Shell loves to create marketing materials which highlight their commitment to Formula 1 and Scuderia Ferrari.

This piece is a very interesting segment of 1964 World Champion John Surtees having a face to face conversation with current Ferrari driver, and  two-time world champion, Fernando Alonso.  I think that it’s special how the two drivers really talk about the differences between Formula 1 now and then.

Sidenote: One thing that I wish that marketeers would pay attention to when creating these adverts, is how they interject the branding, so that it is not awkward when they are mentioned. When Fernando starts talking about Shell lubricants, you shudder slightly as it’s not part of the natural flow of conversation.