Street Parked- @Photosavvi finds a Snow Parked Miata!

Apparently we only like to post photos of snow covered cars, after the snow has already left. 😉

Here is a snow-caked NA photo found by Savannah. It’s crazy how fast the weather can change around here. Just another reminder of the snowstorm that we just weathered here in the Pacific Northwest.

Maybe Savannah can provide more detail of where she found the car in the comments.

Tips during the racing “off season”.

Kyoko: Winter Mode complete.

I never thought of the winter season, as an ‘off-season’. Rather, it was just a season where everything was just really cold. Just because it gets colder outside, doesn’t mean that you have to sit around idle. Taking advantage of the time during the winter will always pay dividends, when things warm up again.

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