The Power and The Passion- Ferrari F1 and Shell fuels.

I love these documentaries by Formula 1 sponsors. They provide a unique insight into the technical aspects of Formula 1 development. It’s amazing how these companies push for the victory, on the track and off.

This video is by Shell, which details how the company develops race fuels for Scuderia Ferrari. Current drivers like Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa make cameos, as well

Interesting Fact: During the era of refueling, new fuel was used to cool the car when the tank was being filled during the pitstop.

Conversation of Generations- Ferrari & Shell on the Belgium Grand Prix.

As one of Ferrari’s primary sponsors, Shell loves to create marketing materials which highlight their commitment to Formula 1 and Scuderia Ferrari.

This piece is a very interesting segment of 1964 World Champion John Surtees having a face to face conversation with current Ferrari driver, and  two-time world champion, Fernando Alonso.  I think that it’s special how the two drivers really talk about the differences between Formula 1 now and then.

Sidenote: One thing that I wish that marketeers would pay attention to when creating these adverts, is how they interject the branding, so that it is not awkward when they are mentioned. When Fernando starts talking about Shell lubricants, you shudder slightly as it’s not part of the natural flow of conversation.

So I can drive a Formula 1 Car on the road then…

Honestly, I found this to be pretty interesting. Ferrari has a strong joint relationship with Shell, in the development of it’s racing fuels in Formula  1. It was interesting to learn that there are some similarities between the race fuels, and the fuel that I put in my own car. (Marketing song and dance aside)…

However, what this tells me is that I need to get working on figuring out how to do a road legal Formula 1 car. (Anyone have a Lotus T125 Exos that I can borrow?) So I can do this…