|Shakedown| -Allan McNish Tells How The 2014 #F1 Cars Will Drive

So take it from someone who has driven in Formula 1, and has massive experience with racing hybrid cars. Allan McNish is probably the most qualified person to be explaining how the cars will feel in Formula 1 for 2014.

Besides, it’s always good to get a Shakedown video where a former driver is the star. You learn so much about how they think. Watch and enjoy.

|Video| Sauber F1 – Living the Dream #F1

I feel that Sauber F1 create some of the best Formula 1 demonstration videos around. The team does a stellar job providing awesome drama around the build-up to the 2013 season and to the new Sauber C32.

I think that Sauber is going to be one of the surprise dark horses in the 2013 season. Just look at those sidepods! (#nerdgasm) I cannot wait for the racing to start this weekend!

|Formula 1| Sauber C32 comes good, at least on the livery front. #F1


Last season, Sauber had their most competitive season in Formula 1. Scoring four podiums, the team is hoping that the team’s new contender will be able to do one better.

What I personally love about the new car has nothing to do with the performance changes of the car. It’s the new livery. I’m loving the grey throwback, which reminds me a bit of the older Sauber cars from ’93 and 94′.

Will this be the car that brings Nico Hulkenburg closer to a Ferrari drive? Will this be the first Sauber car to score a Formula 1 victory? I hope so, on both fronts. I’m probably more excited about this car, than any other car this year.

Of course, check out the launch presentation after the jump.
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|Video| Sauber slices a #F1 car in half…

What happens when you slice a Formula 1 car up the middle?

You learn a hell of alot. Sauber F1 Team has taken the last two years to slice one of their older Formula 1 cars into a cutaway model, as an instructional tool to teach people more about how a Formula 1 car works.

Watch. Learn. Discuss.

Loving the ChecoCam- Introducing Sauber F1 Team

Ever since Sauber’s surprise podium finish last week, the team has been in the media spotlight. Rightfully so! The team’s involvement with social media has been skyrocketing. For example the team, Kaumi Kobayashi and Sergio Perez all have Twitter accounts.

Sauber is also good with releasing ‘sneak-peak’ videos about how the team works. In this latest cut, Sergio ‘Checo’ Perez introduces us to the team that helped him to his latest race podium.  Other teams have videos much like this, like Ferrari, but they lack the rough ‘style’ that these do.

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Curious to know what the inside of a Formula 1 factory looks like?

Well wonder no more! Apologies the lack of audio in these videos, but this is a good time to turn on some quality music while you visually tour the Sauber F1 factory.

With the re-introduction of Willem Toet returning to his old role as Sauber’s head of aerodynamics, I thought this was a fitting post.


Lunchtime Video: Sauber F1 Team Video

Sauber has really been a surprise team this year in Formula 1. ‘Master Overtaker’, Kaumi Kobyashi  and rookie driver Sergio Perez have teamed up take the Sauber C30 to some impressive results this year. Sauber has come up with a nice team video get people excited about the 2011 campaign. (Check out the video after the jump)

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2010 F1 Summary- Just to catch you up.

As the first official race weekend of the 2011 Formula 1 season starts tomorrow. We at the “Starting Grid” thought it proper to provide you with a quick summary of what happened in 2010.

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