|Video|#f1 Interview with Derek Warwick

If you love all aspects of Formula 1, you need to listen to this interview with Derek Warwick. It’s a bit long, but to glean so much insight from a well known driver of the sport, is worth the time.
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|Video| Formula 1 Insights from Gary Hartstein #F1 (Long Documentary/Worth It)

Normally, I wouldn’t want to post a 45 minute video of just a guy talking.

However when the person is Gary Hartstein, the former FIA Medical Delegate for the Formula One World Championship, it’s worth taking the time to listen. He’s got an interesting backstory.

I’m going to be honest. It’s a long one, so I’m not expecting people to get to commenting on it right away. However, I’d love to get people’s opinions on how safety in motorsports has changed over the last thirty years. The sport has seriously changed for the better thanks to people like Gary.
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