|Classic Video| What happens when Jeremy Clarkson meets Keiichi Tsuchiya?

It’s a rainy day. I had some time on Youtube, and what I find? Jeremy Clarkson going to Japan to check out the touge, Wangan and a drift event. I knew I liked that Clarkson bloke. 😉

I’d never though that I’d see a video with Jeremy Clarkson and Keiichi Tsuchiya at the same time. This was “Old Top Gear”, but it’s still worth a look, if you have a few minutes for a fun little video throwback.

|Video| This is how a S13 should be used…

…as a two-wheel drive rally car. Bill Caswell, and the team over at Build/Race/Party have always been known for doing awesome grassroots racing projects, but this was just looks straight fun! Check out William Petrow at Team ONeal Rally School, having some fun.

We might need to forget any drifting ambitions we had, and get a 240SX for rally!

|Video| Fact: Women who can drive well are sexy…

If you’re a car guy, it’s a fact. then we all know this to be true. It doesn’t matter how they look, if they can handle a car well, then they are beautiful. (Well it does matter really, it’s just a super-added- plus bonus. ;))

Sumika Kubokawa, from Team Orange, is a great example of a woman who can really tear it up. Skilled female drifter = Car Control + Common Sense.

Just get a cheap car and start practicing!