|Video| Vladimir Putin wins the Russian #F1 Grand Prix!

So you’re Vladimir Putin, and you have a Formula 1 Grand Prix coming to your country in under a week. You could give Petrov or Kyvat a ring and ask for some tips to sound F1-savvy… or you could just jump into a car yourself. Continue reading

|Video| Nakai-san in Russia (RWB)

I’m not going to lie. Although I have my own personal reservations on whether I’m ok with RWB becoming an international brand, it is pretty thrilling to watch people enjoy Nakai-san’s creation world-wide.

As always, RWB is looking beautiful. No matter where it is in the world.

Street Parked: From Russia with Love

This picture was gifted to StartingGrid by James Wege, a mutual friend and racer through some of us here on the blog.  James has been traveling through Europe and Asia, and his car-freak senses have been on high alert.

Fortunately for us, James read Bret’s recent ‘Street-Parked’ post on a Lanica Delta Integrale, and raised us a picture of one that’s been roaming around Russia. (Trust me, I’m keeping all of my ‘White Russian’ and KGB jokes on hold for now.)

I love the Martini-themes on the doors, and the ‘World Rally Champion’ label just seals it for me.

Awesome find, James. 🙂 Hope you send us more from your travels!