Formula 3- Hamilton vs Vettel (Semi wet battle)

I honestly didn’t know that Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton were battling back in Formula 3! Finding this video puts the battles between Hamilton and Vettel in the beginning of the Formula 1 2011 season in more perspective.

I wonder how much history do the two have together through the years?…

Ever wonder what it’s actually like to do the first lap on the Monaco Grand Prix?

Listening to David Coulthard talk through a turn-by-turn what a driver needs to do on the opening lap of the Monaco Grand Prix, just reminds you how intense having to drive a Formula One car actually is!

Christian Horner- Defined in three words.

“Leader, racer and winner.” – Christian Horner is an inspiring figure.

A former race driver, Christian then moved to become the super successful team owner of Arden F3 team, and now team principal for Red Bull Racing. Christian is a character who has found his calling.

An amazing people manager, an enthusiast of motorsport, politician and competitive as all hell.

His young age belies his experience and personal tenacity. Horner is a leader whose skills as personally, as a professional, that I aim to emulate. Christian stays engaged with all areas of the business.

He works closely with his drivers, engineers, mechanics and support team to make sure to get the maximum of everyone that he works with. That’s the sign of a skilled leader.

His aim is always nothing short of victory, and that is something to be respected as a motorsport enthusiast and as a business person.

Lunchtime Video: Red Bull F1 in the Wild!

Red Bull Racing is classic at making marketing campaigns that people are going to pay attention too. Last year, they created commercials of their Formula 1 cars driving on a frozen lake and also tearing up a beach.

Check out the videos after the jump:

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Drivers of the Weekend- Lewis Hamilton and Mark Webber!

This weekend, two Formula One drivers won our “Driver of the Weekend” award. Lewis Hamilton and Mark Webber both put on master class performances in the Chinese Grand Prix this weekend, and deserve credit for their awesomeness. However, both earned this prize for different reasons.

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Lunchtime Video: Red-Bull Racing/Toro Rosso movie “Bullfight”

Older video, but it shows that drivers like DC, Webber and Tonio had a bit a humor in them. I wish that the new era of Toro Rosso would make little short films like this. Amusing as hell to watch, since it’ll be the only time you see an F1 car in a bull-fight arena!  (Check out the video after the jump)

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2010 F1 Summary- Just to catch you up.

As the first official race weekend of the 2011 Formula 1 season starts tomorrow. We at the “Starting Grid” thought it proper to provide you with a quick summary of what happened in 2010.

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Red Bull Racing Drivers explain F1 KERS and DRS

A brief video from Red Bull Racing, explaining the re-introduction of KERS and the Drag Reduction System.

During the F1 Season, we’ll be sharing our thoughts on the new changes to the F1 rule set. However for right now, just enjoy the video. 🙂