|Formula 1| Red Bull Racing unbolt the… RB9 Purple People Eater?


Normally when a team does a bad launch, I can let it go. However, in my opinion, Red Bull Racing’s has been the most disappointing.

The Twitter-verse has been alight with complaints from people attending the launch that the team would not allow media to take live photographs during the event, and because they had the presentation in a dark lair that made the venue look a lot like the Batcave.

However, my biggest gripe is about the hideous livery of the RB9. (Seeing that’s all I have to look at right now.) I know that Infiniti has become a title sponsor for the team, but I can’t stand the overt Infiniti branding all over the car mixed with those insane purple streaks.

At least they attempted to give us a nice launch video to try and distract me. Check it out after the jump.

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|Video| Adrian Newey Drives An RB6 And Leyton House March At Silverstone

It’s not often that a Formula 1 chief designer gets to drive the same cars that he’s designed. Aerodynamic genius for Red Bull Racing’s Formula 1 team, Adrian Newey got a change to experience two of them. The 1990 Leyton House March, and the 2010 Red Bull RB6.

It’s awesome to see how these cars have evolved over the years. If you want to see an infographic of Formula 1 car design, check this out.

|Video| Sky Sports explain RBR old-floor design, and show typing skills

Dear Sky Sports,

If you’re going to talk about the FIA, please make sure that you spell the name correctly.Β  *facepalm* (Check out from 0:18 – 0:42). I guess that’s what happens when you stream way too much F1 footage 24/7.

Red Bull Racing in Hong Hong! (Video)

With a Formula 1 attempting to expand into a growing number of global markets, teams have been traveling around with demonstration cars in order to raise excitement about F1 to the general public.

Below is a video of the Red Bull Racing demonstration car, piloted by Jaime Alguersuari in the streets of Hong Kong, showing the people what a Formula 1 sounds like at full chat.

Does Formula 1 need a Hong Kong GP? I know that the FIA is attempting to limit the number of races in a season, but does Hong Kong seem it will be ready to support oneΒ in the near future?