|Rant|-Racing Drivers! Tweet to me, not at me! #f1 #nascar #indycar

With the introduction of popular social media tools like Twitter, people stay connected better than ever before. Through your social network, people are able to share life experiences anywhere around the world. People gather in these online communities when they find something or someone that they find to be interesting.

As its impact has become more mainstream, more people are reaching out on a social media platform of some sort. They are people who are looking for some sort of engagement.

In real life, no one likes being talked at. They like being talked to. They like feeling that they are part of the conversation, rather than just being forced to observe one at a distance. Social media works the same way. When fans feel like they are a direct part of the experience, the more they want to engage with it and bring more people to experience it too.

With all that being said, why don’t more racing drivers engage more directly with their fans?  In a world where finding sponsorship dollars is harder every day, you would assume that racing drivers would do whatever it took to engage more with people in order to prove to sponsors that they are a person with large market appeal?

Surprisingly, that doesn’t happen.

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|Video| Sleepless in Singapore #F1

One thing that isn’t really captured well when we watch Formula One on television is the sheer volume of noise that a F1 car can put out. I’ve heard one F1 car up close, and the noise was earth-shattering. I can’t help but wonder what twenty-four of them together sound like.

However, this guy just traveled to Singapore to watch the F1 Grand Prix. Problem is…he might not get any sleep before the actual race starts. 😉

|Video| #F1 2012- Champions Mode

It’s pretty good timing that Codemasters released this trailer for F1 2012, as I just finished winning the WDC in F1 2011.

On of the ‘highlights’ of the real F1 2012 season, has been that the field has six drivers who have won the drivers championship. Codemasters has taken advantage of this by creating a special game mode, where the player can take on each champion driver in ‘unique’ race scenarios.

To be honest, I’m not sure how it’s going to exactly play-out since you’re always racing these drivers during the regular season. Although, since the Codemasters series is one of my current favorites, I still wanted to highlight the video.

|24 Hours of LeMons| Off to Shelton We Go!

Trailer absolutely required
Pujo! is on his way down to Shelton for our race weekend. Stay tuned to StartingGrid for updates as the weekend progresses.

Here’s the schedule:
Friday, 20 July 2012
7am: Gates open
8:30am-5pm: Testing with a 1-hour break for lunch. Details above.
Noon-5pm: Mandatory Friday tech inspection. Every car and at least one driver per team must be present for Friday tech. No Saturday tech will be offered.

Saturday, 21 July 2012
7am: Gates open
9:30am: Mandatory drivers’ meeting
10:30am-8pm: Race session I
8:30pm-?: Optional LeMons Drag Racing (ie, blow up your diff on the 1/4-mile for the promise of one measly Get Out of The Penalty Box Card).

Sunday, 22 July 2012
9:15am: Mandatory drivers’ meeting
10am-3pm: Race session II
3pm: Checkered flag
3:30pm: Awards
6pm: Gates close

Feel free to come by and say Hi! I’ll be the guy in the gorilla suit.

Go here for more details.

24 Hours of Nurburgring 2012

Scuderia Glickenhaus Ferrari P4/5

The 24 Hours of Nurburgring is happening now! If you want to watch on a live stream go here. The Video stream is in German, however you can mute the video and hit the Radio LeMans link on the upper right of the page and a popup will appear with English commentary to the video stream.

The photo above is of the P4/5 Competitzione of Scuderia Glickenhaus, a car worthy of its own post. It is competing today. As of this writing, they’re in 31st place. You can follow them at their Facebook page.

Racing Insights- Comfortable being uncomfortable

Recently, I reminded myself of a key experience: ‘The human mind is a strange place. What it’s looking for, isn’t always what it needs.’

This weekend, I decided to head out to race with my local autocross club. Since I’ve picked up my Miata, I haven’t autocrossed much as my attention had been sorted with indoor go-karting. Packing up on Sunday, I got into the car and started off on what I thought to just be a relaxing afternoon.

Boy I had no idea how wrong I was.

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Motivating a 6-Year Old…

Is like herding cats.  What worked yesterday is worthless today.

My daughter is six.  Being a racing enthusiast since about that age and having parents that wouldn’t (maybe couldn’t is a better word) buy me a go-kart, I want to make sure that my little girl has the opportunity to try out this racing gig early.  She sees racing all the time, spending quite a bit of time at the track when I’m in the Formula Ford, and she was interested in giving it a go herself.

In our area, kids as young as five can race karts.  They are called Kid Karts in our local club.  50 cubic centimeters of two-stroke fury and a carburetor with an intake opening smaller than a dime.  The karts weigh 150 pounds with driver (and the kids weigh nearly 100 pounds by themselves once they’ve got all the required safety gear on) and everyone uses the same specified sprocket ratio.

These things scream to speeds of up to 30 miles per hour.  You get the idea.  But when you are six, this beast is cool.

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Lola Racing Cars in F1; Where did it go so wrong?

For readers of Autosport, you know this question. But it’s not the whole story. You might say that Lola had some of the worst F1 cars to date, but when did you ever decide to build a racing car on a £2 million budget?

Lola did, and it was okay. I will go into every bit of detail regarding the Lola Formula One Team that applied for entry in the 2010 FiA Formula One World Championship – an offer that the FiA refused.

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What is your moment?- “What is your reason for living?”

*This post is actually one that I’ve dug up from my archives. I wrote this when I was in my undergraduate studies in business school. I’ve kept it as it was when I wrote it, grammar and all, but it explains alot of why I’m so passionate about my interests.  Sidenote- it is a long post.

For every person, they have that one activity that when done perfectly brings them moments of absolute bliss. Some people call it being in the ‘zone’, others call it euphoria. Whatever you call it, it’s that moment where everything clicks. It involves all of your senses. Life is perfect, or as close to it as it can.

You have no problems or concerns and you just exist in that moment. Those who are passionate about what they do, spend their lives training, searching and seeking to control the ability to access that ‘feeling’ at will.

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Driving Technique Article: “Looking Ahead- A sneak peek into the future”

Motor racing is a dynamic sport. This means that the driver is constantly encountering new situations, which require him to make different judgment calls on each lap. The number of data points that he has work through over the course of a race can seem overwhelming at times.

Wouldn’t be excellent for the driver to be able to have a way to take in information more easily, and select what information is the most important? It would make each race slightly easier, if I had a crystal ball to tell me what’s coming up and how to prepare for it.

Preparation is key to being a successful racing driver.

While not being a crystal ball, being skilled at looking ahead up the racetrack provides the driver with the ability to gain a ‘sneak peek into the future’, if only a slight one.

The keys to this skill are preparation and anticipation. The driver must be able to keep his eyes on what is coming up next, not what is happening to him right then. Being able to stay focused enough to tune out the ‘noise’ of the racetrack and anticipate what needs to happen next is one of the skills that define a successful racing driver. (Read more after the bump.)

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