|Technique| Two Questions To Ask Yourself After Each Session


Hey Readers!

Been a while since I posted last, but wanted to pass along a quick tip I always use when I coach other drivers. It’s so simple, and really an effective way to monitor your personal performance. Simply put, I ask these two questions to my drivers after each and every session:

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What would you drive away from jail?

The news has been breathlessly reporting on big legal cases lately. Today, Amanda Knox was released from jail in Perugia, Italy. Word is that she drove to Rome, to catch a flight back to Seattle. If you had been locked in the slammer, what would you want for your first drive?

Would you thunder off on a matte black Harley?
So long, suckers!

A classic MG?
It's been real, just not real fun.

If it were me, I’d leave in my Miata. The departure punctuated by a long smokey burnout. How about you?