Cars v Trains: We are sorry to announce that the seventeen oh four is delayed…

This post is far more descriptive than previous posts, as there is a lack of photos… it’s about trains, which are rather busy in the mornings and don’t give you much time/space to take a photo or video.

I like trains. No, honestly, I do. I respect the engineering in them and marvel at the fact they we’re invented over a hundred years ago. What I dislike, however, are the people who run them, run for them and work for them.

There are many downfalls to trains in the modern convenience age. We’re used to being able to access everything instantly; facebooking on the train, twittering on the toilet, ebaying in the shops trying to find whatever you’re looking for that little bit cheaper. Trains fit into this lifestyle like a square peg in a round hole.


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Is a classic car a viable first car?

Asking if a classic car is a viable first car is much the same as asking someone if they like the colour blue; some will, and some won’t. It’s not so much whether a classic car is suitable for a new driver, more so if the person driving it is right for the vehicle.

Going through the pros and cons of classic vehicle ownership, you see an entirely different battle take place inside of someone from that of buying a normal, modern car. A modern car, especially in these delicate eco-focused, economy driven times, is weighted up and decided very much by our heads.

Are we going to be able to afford to run it? How much will it depreciate? How much fuel is going to guzzle? And how much damage is it going to do to the environment? Questions that have been around for years, but only within the past 5 have we really taken them to a conscious level when buying a car.

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