Project Kyoko: While I was sleeping…someone touched my car.

I went to sleep last night with my car looking like this.

I woke up this morning with it looking like this…

When I saw my car up on blocks, I felt like this…

So it goes without saying that I’m pretty angry right now. I’m going to be combing Craigslist to see if anyone is selling any silver Enkei’s. They’re probably mine. How @!#$#ed up is that, when people have to take other people’s things, because they don’t have their own. Scumbags!

Project Kyoko: Homemade updates

With money being how it is, it doesn’t stop me from wanting to make updates to Kyoko. I’m just being made to be more creative with my ideas.  So in the downtime, I’m coming up with sample modifications, which if I like then I’ll make more refined versions of what I have in the car now.

#1 Interior door handle delete and strap:

I have longer arms, so my elbows hit the interior handle when cornering hard. So after a quick visit to TC Motorsports, and sitting in one of their Spec-Miatas, I got the idea to remove the door handle and make this plate-strap. This is just the basic concept, using a Simpson lap-belt from some worn harnesses, and some aluminum that we had lying around.  Now I have more interior space on my side, and my elbows  don’t run into things.

#2 Hand carved shift-knob

I love one-off interior pieces, because I think that they add character. A friend’s dad carved me this shift knob out of vine-maple. It’s super light and strong, which makes for really positive and easy shifts. A few coats of lacquer, and it has a super nice shine to it.  I was told that if I wanted, he would paint it, or carve words in it or whatever else I’d like, but I like the natural look for now.

I think this spruces up the interior, and feels a lot better than the ‘weighted’ Razo shift-knob that I had before. A smaller Nardi Corn steering wheel will help with the final ‘space-saving’, but like I said, things are tight right now.


Project Kyoko: Snap of Kyoko at Pacific Raceways

Someone was able to grab a picture of Kyoko and I doing the business at Pacific Raceways last weekend. I was taking my IRDC Racing Driving school, which was a ton of fun.

I was only able to get two sessions out of the day, due to my clutch giving up the ghost, but it was totally worth it.

Oh man, the need for more action shots are growing…

Project Kyoko- Worked on the Miata a bit this morning.

I didn’t take a lot of photos this morning, because I didn’t have a lot of time this morning. I couldn’t sleep, so I ended replacing the valve cover gasket and a few other small things on the car this morning before heading off to work.

Super nice to be able to get a few small things done in the morning, just before you start the day. On another note, I’m thinking about removing some of the stickers on the car…but we’ll see in the next few days how I feel about it.

Project Kyoko: More garage shots with a shady cameraphone.

Sorry for the cameraphone pictures, but I wanted to grab some shots of some of the garage time that Kyoko got this weekend. One of my karting friends was able to help me replacing the pads and rotors on the car. TJ is a great mechanic, and I can pay him in food, so it works out well.

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Random Snap- Kyoko on the rack

I’ve been doing a lot of daily driving recently, and thus have worn the hell out of the tires on Kyoko. The extra mileage, plus needing an alignment meant that I’d driven the front tires down to cords. Eek! (There is a follow up-story about this, for another post.)

Since tire replacement was pretty much mandatory, I decided that because of all of the commuting I’m doing that my car was going to need some tougher rubber. A fellow autocrosser, and the one who took this photo, works at a tire alignment place near me and was able to help mount new Primewall rubber and get Kyoko aligned.

Since the weekend ended up pretty much being random car-stuff, I’ve got a few other odds and ends to finish up tonight and tomorrow, which I may post on then too.

Project Kyoko: Getting stickered up for the dances…

Sykart Indoor Racing Center, my local indoor karting track decided they wanted to run their logo on Kyoko. I thought was a great idea. I love the kart track that I race at, so I will do anything I can do to support them.

Getting friendly with Kyoko, are we? Nah, just stickering her up...;)

The logo was designed at ‘JJ Graphics & Signs’, and I was able to pick it up and have it installed today. This shop provides vinyl design and installation for PRO3 race cars, so I was happy for them to work on my car.

Sorry for the grainy-shots, but they came from my cameraphone.

Project Kyoko- Taking some night photos with a dirty car…

I’ve always felt like cars need to be driven in as many circumstances as possible. As a car guy, I’ve always found myself at conflict with ‘garage-queen’ car guys who treat Honda Civics like Ferrari F40s. I always feel like pictures of hyper-clean cars are more ‘fake’ than cars with a bit of dirt on them.

Therefore, my ride is normally a bit more ragged looking than most. It’s not intentional ,but it’s just a result of the lifestyle that my car exists in. She’s driven daily, normally covering 100 miles a day with my commute. Fortunately, Kyoko is an exciting car to drive so every mile is just a joy.

Granted, I’m not trying to win any car shows. If I were my outlook on car-life would be vastly different though.

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Project Kyoko: Finally Free!

No thanks to the recent snowstorm, Kyoko, my girlfriend, our cat and I have been trapped in our apartment complex for the past week. Kyoko is still on summer tires and was too low to navigate the deeper snow, so we found ourselves completely sealed in.

Today was the first day that I was able to free Kyoko, and so I made sure to take a snap of her with my cameraphone, so that people know that we’re finally free!

In the next few weeks, Kyoko will be getting some better pictures taken of herself for the blog, so I’m really looking forward to that. However for right now, it’s just nice to be able to move around!