Cars v Trains: We are sorry to announce that the seventeen oh four is delayed…

This post is far more descriptive than previous posts, as there is a lack of photos… it’s about trains, which are rather busy in the mornings and don’t give you much time/space to take a photo or video.

I like trains. No, honestly, I do. I respect the engineering in them and marvel at the fact they we’re invented over a hundred years ago. What I dislike, however, are the people who run them, run for them and work for them.

There are many downfalls to trains in the modern convenience age. We’re used to being able to access everything instantly; facebooking on the train, twittering on the toilet, ebaying in the shops trying to find whatever you’re looking for that little bit cheaper. Trains fit into this lifestyle like a square peg in a round hole.


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Cars V Trains: An initial sunset drive has left the car with wounds to lick.

What a fabulous invention the car is: I was lucky enough to get tickets to the Britcar this weekend and jumping in VX02 on the scorching hot day Saturday turned out to be, it wasn’t more than two or three minutes before the air con had me cooled down, music set just so and on our way.

Coming out of BRMB’s car park, I was immediately confronted by Birmingham’s finest drunks. Why is it that a splash of hot weather in the UK immediately means shorts, BBQs and drunkenness? I’m not complaining, I’m all for a bit of sun, but when a mentalist runs in front of your car wearing a multi-coloured wig, chanting all sorts of profanities, I cannot stress how comforting the clunk, hearing your car doors lock is.

Had I been walking down the road, I don’t think I’d have made it home without getting my head kicked in.

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Cars Vs Trains: October is the month where road and rail clash…

Any of you who have read my other blog, twitter and Project365 (well worth a look, trust me!) will know that I spend a lot of time with the better half. We’ve both started our master’s degrees recently, which meant moving back to the parent’s residences in High Wycombe and Wolverhampton.

This year is going to involve travelling for both of us, a lot for me anyway as I’ll be doing a 35 mile commute each way, everyday. It all starts today (03/October/11), and I thought this would be the ideal time to settle an argument once and for all: Trains or cars; which is best?

And I promise studying Automotive Journalism will not affect the results… at all… in any way… Honest!

Combine the commute with lengthy journeys between the Midlands and the South, and I’m in the prime position to answer this question. It should throw up a multitude of different pros and cons (and hopefully the odd interesting story too) of the different modes of transport; car, train, walking (not the whole way mind!) and maybe even cycling.

Starting now, I’ll be blogging about these modes of transport (and twittering too!!). I will say this though; I had to commute last monday, and opted for the train. I encountered 2 cancellations and 3 delays, making a 45 minute journey across the Midlands into and 2 hour endurance of patience. Trains are not looking hopeful…