|Video| Watch the Queen of the Ring pass 40 cars in two laps.

If there one track that you want to have pretty down, it’s the Nurburgring. Sabine Schmitz isn’t the “Queen of the Ring” for nothing, as she passes over forty cars in two laps of the Nordschleife in the rain during a VLN race.

Epic doesn’t even begin to describe it.

Nick Heidfeld’s Lap Of Nürburgring Nordschleife

Ever since the German Grand Prix, people have been talking to me about what it would be like to have modern Formula 1 cars return to racing on the Nordschleife. There are several reasons why F1 shouldn’t return there. One being that the track is so large that it would take several minutes for crew to arrive if there was a serious accident.

However that doesn’t matter (in my head), because it would still be epic to see F1 cars on the Nordschleife. Back in 2007, BMW-Sauber agreed with my thinking and let Nick Heidfield take a car out onto the 13.2 mile race track.

Epic? Yes.  Mega? Oh, yes.

Take a look at the video and imagine where some epic overtakes might be.

Where would you put DRS on the ‘Ring?