Project Kyoko- Taking some night photos with a dirty car…

I’ve always felt like cars need to be driven in as many circumstances as possible. As a car guy, I’ve always found myself at conflict with ‘garage-queen’ car guys who treat Honda Civics like Ferrari F40s. I always feel like pictures of hyper-clean cars are more ‘fake’ than cars with a bit of dirt on them.

Therefore, my ride is normally a bit more ragged looking than most. It’s not intentional ,but it’s just a result of the lifestyle that my car exists in. She’s driven daily, normally covering 100 miles a day with my commute. Fortunately, Kyoko is an exciting car to drive so every mile is just a joy.

Granted, I’m not trying to win any car shows. If I were my outlook on car-life would be vastly different though.

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