Rosberg & Brawn explain overtaking in Formula 1

Overtaking in Formula 1 has been a high-level discussion point for the last few years. The clear problem has been that Formula 1 cars create too much aerodynamic disturbance for a car to chase closely behind it.  For the last few years the FIA has been tweaking the design rules of Formula 1 cars, with the goal to overtaking easier and more common.

One of the ‘solutions’ that has been developed is the Drag Reduction System, which is a movable rear wing which allows the chasing car to lose aerodynamic drag on the straights. This allows the chasing car to generate a higher top speed than the car in front of them and aid in overtaking.

Now there are other rules around DRS that I find to be annoying, but the idea of DRS is innovative. Allianz and Mercedes GP has created a video which explain some of the overtaking aids used in Formula 1. It avoids talking about the DRS-Zone, but is still an interesting watch.


Lunch Break Video: Nico Rosberg – Formula 1 driver training in Monaco

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Maybe we should take a page out of Nico’s book?