Does anyone think this is a good idea?- “Bruno Senna replaces Nick Heidfeld @ LRGP”

Is this really a good idea, so late into the season?

Recently, rumors have been spreading within F1 community circles (No thanks to Eddie Jordan) that experienced F1 Lotus-Renault driver Nick Heidfeld was going to be replaced by Bruno Senna after the summer break. Just recently, those rumors were confirmed and the German driver will be dropped from the team from this weekend at the Belgium GP onward.

Now there are plenty of Formula 1 websites that have been tracking Lotus-Renault’s responses to Nick Heidfeld, (many of which are linked in our blogrolls) so I won’t go into a summary which explains how things have gotten to this state. For those who have been following it, my only question is; “Does anyone think that this is a good idea?”

Although Senna is alleged to bring in new sponsorship dollars to provide leverage over pay-driver Heidfeld, Bruno Senna didn’t really standout too much last year driving for HRT. In truth- Senna hasn’t stood out much as a driver, period!

I understand that Nick hasn’t lived up to expectations, but how of that is his ‘lack of driving ability’ and how much of that is the R31 going backwards competitively?

It’s obvious that there is some marketing involved having a Senna in a Lotus, but does anyone think that this is the correct direction for the team to go at this point in the season?

I wrote another post about the craziness that has been Lotus-Renault’s race results, but I’m going to leave it up to you to think about this and leave your opinions in the comments?

‘Should Senna have replaced Quick Nick?’

Nick Heidfeld’s Lap Of Nürburgring Nordschleife

Ever since the German Grand Prix, people have been talking to me about what it would be like to have modern Formula 1 cars return to racing on the Nordschleife. There are several reasons why F1 shouldn’t return there. One being that the track is so large that it would take several minutes for crew to arrive if there was a serious accident.

However that doesn’t matter (in my head), because it would still be epic to see F1 cars on the Nordschleife. Back in 2007, BMW-Sauber agreed with my thinking and let Nick Heidfield take a car out onto the 13.2 mile race track.

Epic? Yes.  Mega? Oh, yes.

Take a look at the video and imagine where some epic overtakes might be.

Where would you put DRS on the ‘Ring?

Lotus Renault GP- Action Stars of 2011! (Another fire)

This year in Formula 1, people have been watching Red Bull, Mclaren and Ferrari. Really though, I think that eyes should be on Lotus Renault GP, who have been the ‘Last Action Hero’ stars of 2011! After watching the Hungarian GP, I was shocked to see a Lotus Renault on fire again!

This isn’t the first time that Renault have been action stars either! The R31 has burned down to the ground twice this year, (2x Nick Heidfield’s car), and airbourne twice (1x- Petrov and 1x- Heidfield). Not to mention Heidfield eating his front wing in Canada, and Petrov munching his car up in Monaco!

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