|Video| Chris Harris on Ken Block’s Gymkhana SEVEN AWD 1965 Mustang (The Hoonicorn!)

I’m not going to lie. When Gymkhana 7 came out, I was a little bored after four or five minutes. I always wished that Ken Block had released four or five mini-short videos of his Mustang rather than a 12 hour…I mean minute epic. However, what did excite me was the 845 hp, 8000rpm, AWD Mustang.

I was hoping that someone would make a video to give some technical detail about the car. Enter Chris Harris. This is a nerdgasm about this amazing car.

Even if Gymkhana 7 is still too long.

|Photos| Listening to #F1 Cars in Tacoma


So what did you do over the weekend? I dropped by Griot’s Garage, where they hosted an event, showcasing several Formula 1 cars. It was pretty interesting to see some of the machines I’ve read about up close.
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Street Parked: Mustang II

Mustang II_pic 7

The Ford Mustang II is an important piece of motoring history. No, really. Many people consider this car to embody the worst of the Malaise Era: too small, too slow, too poorly built. I believe we need to look at the Mustang II illuminated in the era it was born to understand why it exists, and why it is actually a cool car.

The photos for this article were all supplied by a reader from the Miata.net car talk community who calls himself Analogeezer. Analogeezer and the gang at Miata.net’s Car Talk forum have been a wealth of great stories and anecdotes about most of the Street Parked cars (and many other topics).
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|Video| BRAKIM Racing Presents Wyatt Knox And The Mustang Drift Dance

The guys at BRAKIM Racing have their very own private testing facility. This automotive playland appears to have a ton of potential for hooning the daylights out of testing their rally cars and their cool Fiat 124 Targa Newfoundland car. We’ll have more on that Fiat as they get it built.

You may have heard of Wyatt Knox from his rally exploits, I’m sure you remember him from his accomplishment of being the first person to railslide a rally car. That video is beyond the jump.
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