Audi R18 ETron testing makes me wonder why I don’t watch more WEC.

So with all of the negative press surrounding F1 in media-life, my friends and I have been talking about other racing series that we probably should be paying more attention to. Eventually the conversation always comes back to the World Endurance Championship.

Even though it’s harder to ‘relate’ to a team when you have three cars per team and three guys sharing a car, you really cannot doubt that the P1 cars are basically Formula 1 cars with roofs on them.

Check out this test at Monza. You can’t argue this speed.

Scuderia Racing News v18- Ahead of the Italian GP

With Formula 1 heading to Monza, the sport enters the holy ground of Scuderia Ferrari. I’ve been following the ‘Scuderia Ferrari Racing News’ for the later-half of this season, and I’ve found these videos to help give Formula 1 fans something to think about prior to each race.

Also it’s nice to see Scuderia Ferrari prepare some sort of media for their fans, since they don’t allow their drivers to engage in social media directly.

With the Italian GP coming up, Ferrari is redoubling their efforts to bring the F150th Italia to another surprise win, much like in 2010.