|Rant|-Will the REAL Mini Cooper please stand up?

Apparently Mini, like Lotus, has gone insane. I just read that they are coming out with a two door version of that abomination that is the Countryman. It looks like this…

I can’t even put into words the rage I feel by seeing this…thing. Who needs this? Why even call it a Mini? It’s not even tiny! Whatever happened to lightness, agility and efficiency?

Whatever happened to the actual Mini Cooper? Our small little friend that spent Sunday afternoons tripoding around cones, and showing larger cars the business? If I were Paddy Hopkirk, and saw what they were calling Mini’s nowadays, I’d go around bashing heads in.

Bring back the Mini please. What we have now is a BMW.


Project Kyoko: Random Snap- My Kyoko makes Minis look big

I really need to get an actual camera...

This is just a random snap of Kyoko as she’s parked next to a co-worker’s Mini Cooper. Man, she makes the Mini look towering, eh?

Another passing thought: I wonder how much more technology is in that Mini Cooper, compared to my Kyoko?

It makes you wonder how the driving experience has changed over the years, due to the introduction of more technology. Do modern car owners feel like they need aids like DSC, traction control, etc to have a good experience?