|Video| 18 year old Mark Webber in Formula Brabham #F1

What were you doing when you were 18 years old? Well, Mark Webber was racing Formula Brabhams.(As if Mark Webber would be doing anything else other than racing…)

Check out this ‘classic’ video of the driver who is now working for Red Bull Racing in F1.

Love to see that Mark still had that Aussie Grit personality as a young man.

A lap of the Buddh International Circuit in New Delhi India with Red Bull’s Mark Webber

This year, the new feature track on the Formula 1 World Championship Calendar is the Buddh International Circuit in India. Mark Webber, driver for Red Bull Racing provides us with a virtual lap of the new venue.

Watch. The lap looks MEGA. Personally, I’m in love with it. I can’t wait for the race in 12 days.

Red Bull Racing + Infiniti Hybrid Performance = Proof that Mark Webber plays the number two role way too well

Earlier this year, Formula 1 team Red Bull Racing developed a technical partnership with automaker Infiniti. The relationship has allowed the two groups to share development information across the platforms between road cars and racing cars.

However, right now I don’t really care about that. What I wanted to show you was another sponsor advertisement between Red Bull Racing and Infiniti, where Infiniti is highlighting the development in the performance of their hybrid drivetrain system, compared to their petrol powered cars with the two RBR drivers piloting.

The video is set on the now- cliche Nurburgring Nordschleife .  Sebastian is driving the hybrid, while Mark Webber is in the petrol car.

All I have to say is that Mark must be tired of being Sebastian Vettel’s whipping boy, on and off the track. (Either that, or in a strange way, he likes it!) I’ve got plenty of running jokes about the quality of Mark Webber’s start too 😉

Mark Webber Documentary- You Can’t Stop What is Coming.

Mark Webber has been one of those drivers that I’ve followed intently since I first became interested in Formula 1. I’ve always found myself inspired by drivers who have been rated as ‘underdogs’, but clearly have massive talent and work ethic.

Webber reminds me of a modern Nigel Mansell, in the way that his career has developed through motorsport. Throughout his career, he has not always had the most competitive car. However, his ‘never-say-die’ attitude really has helped to keep his head above the water.

Now racing for Red-Bull Racing, he has his hands on one of the most competitive cars on the grid. If not for the efforts of Sebastian Vettel last year, I’m sure that Mark would have won the driver’s championship in 2010. He’s one of my favorite drivers, and regardless of his results, I’ll always like him.

For those who don’t know much about Webber, I’ve found a short documentary about him.

Mark Webber- Always punching above his weight

Give it a watch.
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Mark Webber on Top Gear (2005-2006ish)

I wanted to show this video, because it shows a side of Mark Webber that I haven’t seen before. Completely relaxed, joking and energetic, and dare I say fun loving?

Makes you wonder if the time at Red Bull has been more wearing on Mr. Webber than he’d like to let on.

F1 2011 – F1 Drivers in Road Cars on track at the Nurburgring (Red Bull, Lotus & Renault)

I have no idea which is more fun to watch. Formula 1 drivers enjoying Renault road-cars over the ‘Ring, or their passengers who eyes go wide going into some corners!

Definately an exciting video.

As a side note, I have an interesting series of posts coming soon, so look forward to see more writing from me and not just videos.

Mark Webber and his 911 GT2 RS- Video

It’s interesting to see what road cars that Formula 1 drivers choose as daily drivers. Some choose classic roadsters, other find the most expensive thing they can afford. (*Link* Other people like Adrian Sutil, just need to be stabbed for things like this! *Link*)

However, this video just proves that Mark Webber drives a car that is worthy of his jawline. Gotta love the @AussieGrit.  (Video after the jump)

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Drivers of the Weekend- Lewis Hamilton and Mark Webber!

This weekend, two Formula One drivers won our “Driver of the Weekend” award. Lewis Hamilton and Mark Webber both put on master class performances in the Chinese Grand Prix this weekend, and deserve credit for their awesomeness. However, both earned this prize for different reasons.

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Lunchtime Video: Red-Bull Racing/Toro Rosso movie “Bullfight”

Older video, but it shows that drivers like DC, Webber and Tonio had a bit a humor in them. I wish that the new era of Toro Rosso would make little short films like this. Amusing as hell to watch, since it’ll be the only time you see an F1 car in a bull-fight arena!  (Check out the video after the jump)

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