Street Parked: Early 80s AMC Concord

AMC Concord front quarter
Ordinary cars from the mid 1970s to the early 1980s are becoming more rare with each season that passes. This run of the mill in its time AMC caught my eye for being the first one I recall seeing in over a decade. AMC sold a variety of mid sized cars in the 70s and 80s, the most famous perhaps being the AMC Eagle four wheel drive station wagon. Our subject car is nothing special, just a humble sedan. However it has an interesting story with connections to Porsche and the little known VAM Lerma.
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Street Parked: Mustang II

Mustang II_pic 7

The Ford Mustang II is an important piece of motoring history. No, really. Many people consider this car to embody the worst of the Malaise Era: too small, too slow, too poorly built. I believe we need to look at the Mustang II illuminated in the era it was born to understand why it exists, and why it is actually a cool car.

The photos for this article were all supplied by a reader from the car talk community who calls himself Analogeezer. Analogeezer and the gang at’s Car Talk forum have been a wealth of great stories and anecdotes about most of the Street Parked cars (and many other topics).
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Street Parked: Mercury Bobcat

Mercury Bobcat front quarter
The Mercury Bobcat is a rebadged and very slightly tarted up Ford Pinto. This car is a street parked holy grail! I haven’t seen a Bobcat in at least 15 years and nearly crashed when I rode my bike past this one on my morning commute. Savor the glory of this orange bastion of 1970s domestic small car compromise.
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Street Parked: Citation X11

Citation hindquarters
Chevrolet’s Citation X11 is an example of the worst of American car making. For this series I typically write about cars that I find desirable. However when Alan Dahl sent me this set of pictures, I knew I needed to feature this car.
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Street Parked: 1977 Pontiac Astre Formula

Firechicken patina
Autocrossing LeMons Racing Photographer friend of StartingGrid Alan Dahl spotted this rare Malaise Era Pontiac of Canadian origin and sent in these shots. Yes, I said Canadian origin; this car was developed on the H-body platform as a small car for the Canadian market. The Astre shares its H-body underpinnings with such legendary crusher fodder as the Chevrolet Vega, Buick Skyhawk, and Oldsmobile Starfire.
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Street Parked: Traffic Shot Maverick On the Vegas Strip

Yellow Maverick on the Las Vegas Strip
This tidy Maverick burbled by as I was strolling down the Las Vegas Strip. It’s hard to pin down a year on these as they didn’t change much during their 1970 to 1977 run, however I’m betting this is a later Maverick due to the presence of the ugly Malaise Era front bumper. The early Mavericks have a trim little chrome blade front bumper that isn’t nearly as impact resistant as the big basher on this car. This car almost certainly has the optional a 302 V8, which sounded nice and politely rumbly.
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Street Parked: DC Fall Corvette Colors Edition

I Recently found myself in Washington DC with some free time to prowl the streets looking for interesting cars and DC did not disappoint. My first night’s stroll saw an Austin Healey 3000 growl past, its brutish countenance echoing long after it was lost in traffic. The next day an Alfa 164 Quadrifoglio howled through a tunnel I was standing near; seldom is a more heavenly sound been heard from a street corner. My camera fu was not up to the challenge of capturing those moving targets. However, while strolling through Georgetown I found this blazing orange C3 Corvette catching falling leaves with its panel gaps.
C3 catching leaves in Georgetown

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